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MIDletPascal is a Pascal language dialect specifically suited for development of mobile applications in the J2ME environment. MIDletPascal compiler translates Pascal code into Java™ micro edition (J2ME) bytecode. Programs written in MIDletPascal can be executed on any mobile device (such as mobile phones) supporting MIDP 1.0 and CLDC 1.0 platform. With MIDletPascal, developing mobile applications is easy and straightforward. If you are already familiar with any other Pascal language dialect you can start writing your own mobile applications within minutes. MIDletPascal comes with user-friendly IDE (integrated development environment) for Windows (working also in Linux and MacOS under WINE). The IDE interfaces with the compiler (which has a Java bytecode preverifier included) and has integrated a JAR archive builder so compiling and building MIDlets is as easy as a push of a button. Since MIDletPascal generates low-level Java™ bytecode, generated MIDlets have small footprint and run fast. Some similar tools that can be found on the Internet generate an intermediate code and pack it with an interpreter into a JAR file - that approach creates large JAR files for distribution and yields slow execution. MIDletPascal directly generates Java bytecode, so you don’t need Java compiler installed on your machine, and compile process is very fast.

In September 2009 Niksa Orlic released the compiler code to the open source community, and this SourceForge project was the result. In recognition of Niksa's work we have kept the original name, but started this project as MIDletPascal 3.

The code released by Niksa Orlic was a console mode version of the compiler (available in the project SVN Repository under MPC.2.0.2).

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This page created 30 September 2010